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White Spirit Recycle Equipment,B225Ex-W-D, HongYi Calstar

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Company Detail

Guangzhou Kuanbao Environmental Equipment Co., Ltd.
Quick Details

Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland) Brand Name: HongYi Model Number: B25EX-W-D White Spirit Recycle Equipment
Feeding Capacity: 225L Recycling time: 4~4.5 Hrs Heating temperature: 230 °C
Power supply voltage: 380V50Hz or Custom Maximum power: 18.1kw Ambient temperature: 5~35°C
recycle ratio: 95%(active principle) Cooling method: Water-cooling Size: 1343*1330*1980mm
Net weight: 488kg

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail: Packaging size:4.2 CBM, Gross weight:590kgs
Delivery Detail: Spot goods


Thinner Solvent Recovery Systems is distiller that allow the recycling and the re-use of degreasing and washing solvents.HongYi

1. B225EX-W-D Explosion-proof Thinner Solvent Recovery Systems


B225EX-W-D Explosion-proof White Spirit Recycle Equipment uses the distillation principle, recovery the used dirty solvent to clean for its re-use. It is suitable for the company that need to recovery waste solvent 225-450L per day (8 Hour). It is widely used in various industries that use organic solvent as cleaning agent to recovery the used organic solvent. Such as: the dirty solvent from clean the spray gun in spraying industry; trichloroethylene is used to clean the electronic products; toluene; IPA is used to clean the optical lens; anhydrous alcohol; thinner is used to clean agent in printing industry.


The Solvent Recycling Machine enable you to save money and time by reducing your reliance on virgin solvent purchasing and disposal service fees by use of the solvent recovery process.


2. Principle


B225EX-W-D Explosion-proof White Spirit Recycle Equipment through a simple distillation process, they separate the contaminants (resins, polymers, pigments, paints, oils, etc.) from the original solvent. The boiling of the solvent is accomplished by a peripheral heating jacket filled with diathermic oil, heated by an electrical element.

The vapours are then convoyed to a condenser cooled by air. The condensed solvent is collected in a tank, for its reuse.


We can customize according to your requirements, or equip with automatic feeding, vacuum pump recovery, vacuum condenser, distillation bags and other assist devices.


3. Safety:


1) Certificate: Use the latest European(CE) , American standard(ATEX) and Chinese explosion proof standard(CNEX) , the whole structure is explosion-proof;


The B225EX-W-D Explosion-proof  White Spirit Recycle Equipment is certified for explosion-proof of electrical products through the China National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Testing and certification;


2) Timing shutdown function: Preset the machine heating time according to actual demand, it can ensure that the machine doesn’t timeout heat. The timing shutdown function can preset the heating time according to the solvent properties, to ensure the solvent content in the residue, it can avoid that the residue is too dry to clean up difficultly;


3) Fixed temperature shutdown function: preset the shutdown temperature according to the solvent properties. The machine will timely detection the steam temperature. When the steam capacity reduces, the steam temperature drops to preset temperature, the machine will automatically shutdown. It makes the machine shuts down in time after the solvent in the recovery tank has been evaporated;


4) High temperature protection function: When the machine fails and sustained heating, the temperature of machine exceeds the preset heating temperature, the system will immediately disconnect the heating power to prevent the machine overheats;


5) Power failure protection function: When there’s a sudden power outage during operation, the machine activates power failure protection system and automatically shuts down. When power is restored, the power indicator will light, but the machine won’t not run. For the machine to work, it is required to manually start the machine again;


6) Clean solvent outlet temperature ultra-high protection: When the clean solvent outlet temperature higher than normal value, the machine will automatically alarm, and stop heating. When the cooling fan fails, the machine can stop heating in time to avoid the solvent vapors leaks of a large to ensure safely;


7) Over pressure protection of recovery tank: When the machine works, the recovery tank is in micro-pressure(no vacuum decompression device) or in a negative-pressure(equip with vacuum pressure relief devices) state. In the event of pipe blockage, the steam will not be discharged through the steam pipe, the tank pressure will rise, more than outside pressure by 0.38Bar, the pressure relief valve on the tank will automatically open, ensuring the safety of equipment and operations;


8) Multiple protection run independently: the machine uses independent multiple security protection function. It ensure that if the failure of a safety function, the other security protection function is still able to play protective role;


9) Explosion-proof electric control box: install the circuit control system in explosion-proof circuit control box, completely sealed explosion-proof, to prevent circuit contact with the solvent;


10) The power supply and interface, using stainless steel flexible pipe to protect the exposed wire. At both ends of flexible pipe, it uses sealed design to avoid solvent contact and corrode wire;


11) Recovery tank: Recovery tank are made of stainless steel material, two-tier structure. Sandwich layer filed with heat transfer oil, the heater is immersed in heat transfer oil to avoid the electric heater create spark, and make the solvent is heated evenly;


12) Explosion-proof heater, heater completely isolated from air and solvent;

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