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Ningbo Yinzhou Hongrui Magnetic Industry Co., Ltd is specializing in the production of rare-earth permanent magnet , engage in research, development of high-tech enterprises. Our company produce various kinds of sintered NdFeB magnets and magnetic devices,and have the stability of the production of N30-N52, 30M-50M, 30H-48H, 30SH-45SH, 28UH-40UH, 28EH-38EH, 28AH-33AH and a variety of high-quality Sintered NdFeB magnets. At the same time,we operate ALNICO, SMCO, FERRITE and so on. Magnetic devices including permanent magnet linear motor parts, magnetic chucks, magnetic filters, magnetic lifting, magnetic rotor, magnetic clip,magnetic hook and so on, the products are widely used in toys, crafts, speakers, CD / VCD movements, generation, magnetic separator and so on, involving audio, auto, electronics, medical, aerospace and chemical industry in various fields of daily life.
    We have considerable ability to process a variety of high-performance, difficul... [Details]