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High performance piping systems

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Note: Gentle Automatic Solution Sdn Bhd will provide you a better compress airpiping system.. Please call to 603-80237743/8743
Gentle Automatic Solution Sdn Bhd will provide you a better compress air piping system.. Please call to 603-80237743/8743 Fax: 603-80239743

Pro-Pipe II

Pro-Pipe II is a major advancement in pipe systems, using leading edge technology during design and manufacture has provided the opportunity to use the latest polymers in developing a modular pressure pipe system with exceptional performance levels. Image showing compressed air pipe, water pipe, chemical and oil piping
Pro-Pipe II pipe is manufactured from CXPP40 a Block Co-Polymer Polypropylene and the fittings from XXHP40 a Homo-Polymer Polypropylene, with both these materials coming from the same polymer family it eliminates mismatching when used in chemical applications.

Why Pro-Pipe II?

The colour in Pro-Pipe II is co-extruded and applied as a homogeneous melt within the diehead, resulting in a coloured layer that will not peel, flake, de-laminate or crack, even when exposed to U.V. light. This feature provides major cost savings through the elimination of periodic maintenance such as painting or labelling.

Major Advantages of Pro-Pipe II

  • Superior U.V. Resistance
  • Size range from 20mm - 110mm (1/2" N.B. - 4" N.B.)
  • Wide operating temperature envelope
  • Is the easiest method of reticulation available today. A system requiring no gluing, threading, soldering or brazing that will provide first class results even from inexperienced personnel.
  • High impact resistance
  • Is manufactured from Food Grade materials, also acceptable for Breathing Air.
  • Is environmentally friendly, as all materials are Re-Usable, Re-Locatable and Re-Cycleable.
  • Cannot rust which eliminates contamination of expensive equipment, can be installed in damp or wet conditions and can be buried in both soil or concrete without corrosion.
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